Everything In Moderation

Welp, there are wedding bells in my future… no not my own, but my adorable, wonderful, fabulous older sister is engaged (!!!) as of this weekend to an equally adorable, wonderful, fabulous man (…boy).

This HUGE event is clearly going to be the topic of many future posts, but is not actually the subject du jour. But in true wedding format, everyone is now on the official “wedding diet” – and by everyone, I mean me {just as a sidenote, I am aware that this is not my own wedding, and yes, I still plan on “shedding for the wedding” (cred for line to my future bro-in-law)}. And so my policy for this engagement (at least in terms of food) is everything in moderation.

So what better time to frivolously spend money on cute things I don’t actually need? I mean this purchase fits my new motto and will look pretty on the shelf! Found courtesy of Daily Candy‘s deals, these little containers have handy measuring units imprinted to help keep portions under control!



Check out Portionware’s website and happy eating (in moderation)!


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