First Things First

Clearly the two-week hiatus between my last post and this one shows that I am a master in the subject of time management. Yes, I have been meaning to post something (to help you get through your day) every day for the past two weeks, but things kept coming up, so what’s a girl to do? Well I suppose managing my time in a more organized fashion might help me (and you too – I know you’re desperate for my thoughts). And you know how I love starting new goals at the beginning of the week, month, season, etc. So, November, here I come!

Typically I’ve considered myself to be someone who effectively handles my schedule. But a recent influx of “busy-ness” has made me reconsider if there are things that I might do differently to improve my bustling calendar of events (filled to the brim with fab social functions, of course). So I decided to compile some of the tips that seemed most valuable/doable to help you (and me…all of us really) become a whiz at being more effective and efficient. Which was not a waste of time…

·      Formulate a plan/schedule/to-do list at the beginning of each day (or end of each night for the following day) with activities and time frames. Map out the day, the week, or goings-on for the month – whichever works best for you.

·      Keep a journal of everything you do in a day. It will help you to see where you’re using your time effectively and what you could be cutting down on.

·      Determine which events on your long-term to-list are most important. Are there items that can be nixed? Or delegated? Don’t let those littler tasks constantly clog up your list everyday.

·      Deal with distractions – they’re bound to crop up all over the place in your day-to-day life. Sometimes distractions can’t be avoided, but take a moment to evaluate whether or not you’re being too indulgent.

·      Minimize the multi-tasking. I know what you’re thinking, we are trying to get more done in a day, so why not do it all at once? But when you multi-task, you’re not giving your full attention to effectively accomplish a task. And you’ll probably end up having to re-do that item at some point because of the lack of efficiency involved in multi-tasking. One thing at a time, darling. {Ladies, you might like this article, courtesy of my roomie, if you want to read more about multi-tasking}

·      Wake up early. Or stay up late. (Don’t do both.) What I’m getting at is that we all have a point in the day when we’re just cruisin’. Figure out what time of day you’re at your best and try to match your priorities to fit within that time frame.

·      Learn how to say, ‘NO!’ (Okay, you don’t have to literally shout it, but have some enthusiasm behind your convictions.) Stick to your plan. Yes, sometimes inevitable and unforeseeable events will fall on your plate, but what are we trying to accomplish here people? Stick to the plan! Say no (!).

·      When it seems like you have a mountain of to-dos to check off your list, and the amount seems insurmountable, try breaking it down. Just focus on doing one thing at a time. Don’t harp on the fact that you have fifteen urgent tasks to accomplish in one day or you’ll be too overwhelmed to begin. Pick one thing and do it until it’s done. And then there will only be fourteen urgent tasks…

·      Take breaks. All those smarties out there say that taking a breather helps to keep on track. If you’re in zone, by all means, stay in the zone. But if you feel yourself drifting, take a little breather. Go for a walk. Stretch a little. Read a (my) blog. Have a snack. You get the idea. And then get back to it.

Hopefully this helps all of us to be our most productive selves. And if you have any extra morsels to help the rest of us, don’t be greedy… add them to the list. That being said, get out there and git ‘er done!



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